29 novembre 2010

Dove trovare i soldi per l'università italiana?

Dove trovare i soldi per l'università italiana?
In Afghanistan?


¶8.  (C)  With regard to the critical situation in
Afghanistan, Ronca acknowledged that we must strengthen the
military aspect of the campaign, but that institution
building and engaging President Karzai on fighting corruption
must not be neglected. On the security side, Ronca said that
Italy will increase its force by 1000 men during the first
half of 2010 and that its Afghan National Police (ANP)
training program is a first priority.  As for civilian
engagement, Italy has committed 465 million euros in various
civilian sectors, including health, education, and justice.
Ronca and Marotti stressed the need for better coordination
of civilian and military activities as an issue that should
be on the agenda of the January 28 London NATO conference.
Ronca noted that reaching out to insurgents was a task that
should also be pursued. The Italians stressed the need for a
long-term development strategy based on Afghan priorities,
but which would also include private sector involvement and
the development of good governance.

No, scherzo. Questi soldi (465 milioni di euro, circa dieci euro a testa da parte di ogni cittadino italiano, di ogni età) glieli dobbiamo, è il minimo. Il minimo, dopo le bombe.

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